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Client's Application

Please fill out this form and our staff continue to do everything ourself

2.Born in Russia?
3.Date and the reason of termination of your Russian citizenship
4.Have you got an invitation: tourist (hotel confirmation and voucher), business or private
5.The type of visa?
6.Number of entries
7.Date of entry into Russia
8.Date of departure from Russia (with a few spare days)
9.Last name (exactly as in the passport)
10.Names (all the names shown in your passport)
11.Previous names
13.Date of birth (DDMMMYYYY)
14.Place of birth (like in the passport)
15.If you were born in the USSR (Russia), where and when immigrated?
16.Number of passport
17.Date of receipt of the passport (DDMMMYYYY)
18.The passport is valid until the date of (DDMMMYYYY)
19.The name of the host organization, city, phone and contact person.
(If you want to use your own invitation)
20.Number of invitation, letter or telex (if you want to use your invitation)
21.Itinerary (places to visit)
22.Have insurance?
23.Name of insurance company, insurance number, the exact date when it expires, and does it cover the Russia?
24.Have you been to Russia before?
25.How many times?
26.Date of coming to Russia the last time
27.Date of last departure from Russia
28.Your permanent address (street, number, post index, town)
29.Home phone
32.Name of employer ?
33.Position ?
34.Full postal address of the company
35.Office phone
38.Children in the passport to 16 years follow up with you
Name, surname, date of birth
39.Relatives in Russia
(If you are using a private invitation)
40.Do you need our help with airline tickets?
41.Do you need our help with hotel reservation?
42.Deliver a passport to the airport, send to the address, something else?
43.Yes, I know that the order will be fulfilled only after my full payment.
44.Please send me the bill to my email
When transferring the money I shall put the order number or the Invoice number.
45.Yes, I know the requirements of the consulate to the insurance.
See the requirements
46.Yes, I know that it is better to send to sto@danhil.com the scanned copies of insurance and invitation and get your confirmation regarding the validity of these documents before sending the originals.
47.I will send the original documents by the registered mail today or tomorrow to address:
Danhil Travel AB
Box 12524
102 29 Stockholm, Sweden
phone: +46(0)8- 559 20 059
48.If I do not get confirmation from you about the arrival of my documents within 48 hours, I will send an e-mail to sto@danhil.com or call the phone. nr +46(0)8-559 20 059.
Contacts in Denmark
Vester Farimagsgade 6 off.1035
Copenhagen, V 1606, Denmark
phone: (+45) 33 93 21 34
fax: (+45) 33 93 22 34
phone: support +45 28109475 (+45 53377495) (09.00-17.00)
e-mail: dm@danhil.com
Contacts in Sweden
Post address: Box 12524, 102 29 Stockholm
Visiting address: Nygränd 10, Stockholm (Important: please make reservation for visit. Visiting address must not be used for post or express/courier services).
ph: +46 (0)8 559 20 059
e-mail: sto@danhil.com
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